Prayer Requests

For those of you who aren’t on the mailing list for the Prayer Warriors, here are some of our recent prayer needs:


A man has been arrested and charged with, among other things, “Indecent liberties with a minor.” Please keep the child and all the family who have been affected by this gross injustice in your prayers. I know nothing about trial dates; I do know that the investigation is ongoing.

“Homemaker’s” brother-in-law: undergoing an amputation today. The details of her request are in the Comments window, below.

Health Care Reform. As the nuts and bolts of this “legislation” are revealed and implemented, things are not looking good at all for the American people.

The people of Haiti, and the relief workers who are serving there. Please donate to your church charities in order to make the very best use of your money. (It’s been several months, but the needs are still immense)

Several people who have been recently diagnosed with cancer, including a mother of a large family of very young children.

Philip Gerard Johnson, a seminarian of the Diocese of Raleigh, NC, has an inoperable brain tumor which continues to grow, despite chemo. Please hold him in your prayers. UPDATE 9/21/10 – Philip has been told that his tumor is growing, and that he is running out of treatment options. Prayers are needed as ever. Thanks!

For the repose of the soul of David Miller, and for the consolation of those who love him.

For our nation in a serious time of crisis.

All those preparing to be received into the Church, or preparing for Sacraments, and for their catechists.


5 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. My cousin Brooke Taylor is currently pregnant at over 23 weeks. Her baby is experiencing development difficulties due to a hip that seems to be forming backwards. Please pray for this little one.

    Ashley Faye

  2. Ashley – Did you get my email? Brooke is in my prayers, and I’ve shared the request with my prayer list email group. Do let us know how she gets along, please.


  3. I just realized you are catholic an I don’t agree with this doctrine but wish you well, you are welcome to my site and can even find a post to my church site where you may read our beliefs and follow with The Bible. May God bless us all with what we need to fulfill his will and be saved……
    I pray you wont be offended.

  4. Hey – Welcome!
    I’m a very erratic blogger, as you can see –
    If you have any questions regarding my beliefs as a Catholic (even “Why do you…???” will be fine by me), please feel free to ask. Okay? I’m adding your brother-in-law to the list, not just the comments section – Keep us posted of his progress, won’t you, please?

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